"Liking what I Like Don't Make me a Bitch"
  • Song about love: Thinking of my otp
  • Song about loss: Thinking of my otp
  • Song that does not fit my otp at all: Imagines AU to fit song and otp


Maybe the reason social justice bloggers are “getting younger and younger” are because shit mongers are trashing the world around these kids so they’re forced into adult issues based on factors they cannot control about themselves 

And if these kids have a better grasp on social issues than some 20 somethings stop shaming them for being passionate about creating a better environment for themselves when they’re adults 

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I’m incredibly comfortable in the sex scenes with Noel. We’re good friends. We crack jokes. You make it work. - Cameron Monaghan

yes. these are the two idiots i have chosen to let ruin my life and my expectations for men

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aka my sad attempt at making a gifset for my wishful thinking

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